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Israel: In the Cross-hairs of History
December 1, 2012jsc
   A few days ago the majority of humanity, over the objections of Israel and the United States of America, took the first step toward recognizing the State of Palestine. For now the country is recognized as an observer state at the United Nations. It has a foot in the door. Israel responded by stepping up the construction of Jewish settlements on Palestinian territory, in clear violation of international law, and threatening economic reprisals. A "fuck you" to humanity.

  Hillary Clinton, outgoing Secetary of State, chastised those Israelis who pay more attention to the rewards in the next life than the rule of law in this life. The data are there in the numbers; on its present course Israel is taking a suicidal path. Israeli leaders believe that walls and armaments and a belligerent foreign policy will save the day, when instead they risk the wrath of history. Maybe God will save them, but I fear what will become. 

   In that same briefing Clinton warned of the horrors of an Iran with atomic weapons. She forgot to mentions that the foreign policy she supports goes after those who do not have nuclear weapons. Saddam and Qadaffhi gone. North Korea stands. Since overthrowing Iran's first democratically elected government in 1953 the United States of America and Britain have done nothing but shaft Iran. They are surrounded by nations with weapons of mass destruction, and we deny them theirs. We can count on these Persians, ancestors of the oldest and most brilliant of human civilizations, to want to be around for the next millennium or so. We can count on them to not back down unless they feel their security is ensured. Unless the whole region becomes atomic weapons neutral, they will want to be in the atomic weapons game. This is Human Psychology 101.

  With no vision among the world powers to treat Iran as an equal in the matter of nuclear power and with Israel hunkering down with nuclear weapons, the future looks grim.

  Let us pray that President Obama will be able to see above the fray and offer a vision of peace grounded in justice. In any war negotiations aimed at avoiding or ending war, all parties must feel safe enough to see their way out without danger of slaughter. The choice is clear; all must have atomic weapons, or none. Of course arming everyone goes back to a MAD strategy of deterrence that kept Russia and the United States out of nuclear war. Might it work again? Once the United States and Russia felt safe enough they began to back away by degrees, a work still in progress, so the risk of all-out nuclear war someday has to remain a real possibility in the calculus of World War III. Instead, let's work our way out of our this doomsday situation, backing away slowly to a world in which there are no weapons of mass destruction, the first steps in putting the god of war to rest. The Middle East is the place to start.

  Taking the actions needed to bring peace to the Middle East will earn Barack Hussein Obama his Nobel Peace Prize given in hope in 2009 and, depending on the breadth of his vision, a place in history akin to Alexander the Great, not in war, but in peace.

  In this season of hope, for peace on earth is humanity's deepest hope, let us all pray. Peace in the Middle East would go a long way toward making that happen. And more so, ensuring the survival of Israel now in the cross-hairs of history. 

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