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The New Gilded Age
Shall We Repeal It In Election 2012?
July 7, 2012jsc

   Apparently if the metrics of golden ages past are used as a measure of "gilded", for example the "golden age" of later 18th century United States of America, we the people live in a land just like that, now called the New Gilded Age. Just as now, so then there was great wealth in the hands of few, plutocrats running the government, citizens impoverished and worker abuse, all in the name of profit. An angry citizenry confronted this violation of the American dream and voted for a president who would work for them, Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president. In 2012 will "we the people" do the same? 

   Mitt Romney stands for not just a continuation of our new Gilded Age, but will make it even grander. He would promulgate policies that in essence consign "we the people" to fighting over the remaining crumbs, and live in the fantasy of being one of them, the 1%.

   The Republican economic agenda is clear. What is not so clear is whether President Obama, the Democratic, can make himself into the Theodore Roosevelt of our day? We are now four months and counting till election 2012 and, with the polling numbers so very close. Except among single women.

   Returning this nation to its citizens, Obama will need to offer more boldness of vision, an agenda that tells a story to excite us. The good news for those of us who see him as the last great hope to avoid catastrophe, is his affirmation of gay marriage and his win in the courts on health care. He is looking stronger, more like the kind of president we need to end worship of the golden calf. Return our republic to us, "We the people" as begins the first line of our Constitution

   President Obama: Give us a vision that will inspire us to greatness. Let that be a vision of a humanity at peace, for our children's sake.

   Something like that might turn us away from this Gilded Age, but I fear we the people despite being a clear majority are like the crowds in ancient Rome during the empire's decline ... entertained with great circuses of mindless entertain while mostly white men in power rape the land.

   The New Gilded Age, Shall We Repeal It In Election 2012?

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