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In 2012 the doomsday clock was set at five minutes to  midnight. 
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The Doomsday Clock 2017 set two and half minutes away from midnight. The closest it's been since 1953.
(A story to turn the clock back is contained herein.)
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Trump to Make End of War the Hall Mark of His Second Presidency
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February 21, 2019 

   Afghanistan early 2019 is in the news. A stalemated war of almost twenty years and there is no victory in site for either side. President Trump is fostering peace talks with Taliban, a change of story from not talking to talking to enemies. On ending this war Trump is on right side of history. Our role on larger stage is peace not war maker. 

   Obama 2014, the constitutional lawyer president justly said, if war in Syria then Congress must approve. Congress deferred and the political right howled for war. President Obama seeing no throngs in the streets protesting war in Syria entered the field of battle. Another well laid trap to pull us into war and more war. Trump wants us out of Syria 2020 … his changing the story in Syria from war to peace a good thing.  

    Korea Peace 2019, Trump and Un are defying the nay-sayers. In February I hope they shock us by a formal declaration ending that war. That action and the log jam at the U.N. preventing Korea Peace broken apart. 

   In our time we take the power in changing the story of wars ending to the global level: President Trump, the hallmark of second presidency embraces Kellogg Briand Pact to end all war. It is time for the law and order crowd step up to the global plate.  

    By changing the story from war to peace, President Trump will accept on behalf of citizens of United States of American the Nobel Peace Prizes 2020 and 2024 for our part in ending Korean War and working with humanity to enforce the Pact against war. 

    The golden ring of peace is within his grasp, will he grab it? Will we follow his lead? 

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